Getting To werc

I almost like it better this way

new bad old good. It just works. The werc site is very 'stream of consciousness'. Reader discretion advised.


I am Avery.

Recently I've been thinking a lot about 'minimum viable computing'.

I use UNIX because 'It's still absolute dogshit but it's the least broken dogshit I've seen in a long time'.

I have the bad kind of imposter syndrome. I feel like I know nothing about computers. I feel like a fraud in a world of experts.

If I didn't need the modern web fulfil my government mandated obligations, I would be living in a framebuffer console.

I ride my bike every day despite the fact that there are two (hopelessly) broken cars entitled under my name.

I prefer permissive licensing. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to prioritize the freedom of the code itself over the freedom of actual humans?

I detest identitarianism. 'They shall know her by her works'.


Why not? Why do anything? Why not just turn the fucking computer off and go outside?


'Avery, I have some suggestions to fix things like spelling, UI/UX, darktheme, etc. Please listen to me and fix this'

Please submit a merge request. My repo is located here